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Why I Called My Aesthetics Biz Naked Skin Esthetics

When I tell people my business name, most people respond with "Huh, that's different".

The wondering is over. Let me explain why I decided to use the word "naked" in my business name.

I think the word naked makes people uncomfortable. When I first released my business name, I had people tell me it was "different" and they had that "are you serious" look on their face.

Before opening my business, I knew I wanted to focus on skin. I want to help people achieve their skincare goals.

I want to help others feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. That's why I decided to use the word "naked" in my business name. To feel confident and beautiful is the feeling I want my clients to feel after their treatment with me. I definitely do not apply makeup to my clients after their facial because it defeats the purpose of feeling confident in your skin.

Life is way too short to obsess about our flaws. We live in a time where we can get those sun spots lightened up, or make our 11 lines disappear or get that nose job we've always wanted. There is nothing wrong with investing in ourselves to help enhance our natural beauty.

I want to help my clients with what bothers them about their skin. What might keep them up at night.

We offer a variety of skincare treatments at the spa to be able to offer the best treatment for your skincare needs. ❤️

Text 9027782323 or send us a Direct Message on our socials to book your next skincare treatment.

~C, xx

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